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What do we want?


Our vision is to have Brazil among the top-20 countries in the Global Competitiveness Ranking “infrastructure” sub index by 2038 (a progress of 53 positions since 2017).


Our mission is to promote public service concessions and public-private partnerships, acting as the interlink between governments and investors, and also to develop relevant content on electric energy, logistics, water supply and sewerage, urban infrastructure and social  infrastructure.

Why does it matter?

Infrastructure, along with education and business environment, is considered a factor condition – i.e., the basic requirement to attract long-term investments. A well-rounded infrastructure increases the national productivity and, therefore, the competitiveness of individuals and firms – creating jobs and income.

How much are we talking about?

It’s not going to be easy to reach our goal. In 2017, we invested roughly 1.4% of our GDP in infrastructure projects (InterB, 2017); meanwhile, China invests roughly 8% and India 5%. Moreover, our starting point is very low: we have an infrastructure capital stock of 36%, while developed countries count on – at least – two times this number. Japan counts on 179% (McKinsey, 2013). So we can recover the past, we need to gradually raise our investment to 6.3% by 2038, granting a stock of 77% of our GDP in infrastructure assets. It definitely sounds: that’s the rate we used to have back in the 70’s.


of GDP (in stock) 2017


investment rate in 2017


of GDP (in stock) is the goal by 2038


trillion is what we need to invest within 20yrs


should be the investment rate by 2038
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