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Sexta-feira, 03 de Julho de 2020 - Brasília, DF

Ultima atualização 03/07/2020 às 11:00h

Lessons and possibilities for Brazil

Online meeting that will address the infrastructure in Europe after Covid-19 and the lessons and possibilities for Brazil in this sector.

About the event

The peak of the covid-19 pandemic appears to have passed in Europe, which is gradually resuming activities. However, the economic recovery will depend on a series of measures that depend on investments, mainly in infrastructure.


In this webinar, Infra2038 invites experienced professionals in the infrastructure industry to discuss the measures that have been taken in their countries to encourage the continuity or resumption of infrastructure projects and how Brazil could benefit from this experience and apply it to its reality.


** Online and free event.

Date: 16 de Julho 
 10:00 AM (GTM-3)


Ana Beatriz monteiro.jpg

Ana Monteiro

Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento


Leonardo Carpentieri



Richard Hill

White & Case 


Patrícia Rosário

Rosario Consulting Group


Guillaume Sauvaget

PS Consulting


Seguimundo Navarro

 MCIArb, ArbP, LLM

How to participate?

When choosing to watch on your cell phone, you will need to download the "Microsoft Teams" application and click on watch, but the other option is to watch it through the browser, so you will not need to download it. If you have any questions send us a message.

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